Shopping for materials ( or why hubbies shouldn’t go to bead shows with you)

The next big step in the project was deciding on materials.

Gilt thread
Other metal thread as inspired
Silk embroidery thread
Velvet, black
Linen for the lining

My husband is awesome and offered to drive me into Philadelphia to Fabric Row to look for fabric. I didn’t find any black velvet that was suitable but I did find a gorgeous coral cotton damask for 4.00 a yard.

We also hit up Jomar, which used to be fabric Mecca but isn’t any longer. I ended up finding the velveteen at Joanns: lovely weight, nice drape and a good price.

Of course on the way home I noticed a bead show going on and the sweetie he is offered to drive me down the next day. ( I have a torn cartilage and it was hurting to drive)

All I wanted was seed pearls. I found them!! And at every stand that had them I bought them. Anyone who uses pearls knows they are hard to find, and ordering on line you don’t get to see thm first. After each purchase I could see his heart stop, especially since I was casually saying, oh I will take 5 strands, or what is your best price if I take them all.

Finally he said all he could think of was how many guitars he could buy for what amounted to one thing I could hold in one hand. I. My defense, they were a good price and I came home with at least 15 strands, which will last me a while. I also picked up some jade, coral and garnet.

The gold thread and the silk floss I had, the silk for the appliqué I also found at Joann’s.

Total so far in materials : about $150-$200.00 depending on how many pearls I use.


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