The beginning

I wanted a way to document my progress on what is probably going to turn out to be one of the biggest projects I have undertaken. I decided to go the blog route as it was easier than updating my site all the time ( I hope) and less annoying than posting on Facebook ( I also hope).

Some background:

I was challenged at Pennsic this year to finally sit down and come up with a project just for me: something for myself ( instead of giving it away). Of course I did protest I like making things for people. I get the fun of creating it and the joy of seeing their pleasure. And this challenge came from someone who gives away her work regularly in the form of scrolls ( love you Kerry) :)

So after days of agonizing I realized I wanted to finally make the dress I had wanted to make for years: THE Swabian gown. For those that are not familiar with it, Myra from Sweden made one that I fell in love with.

I started reading more about them and stumbled on Emmie Smith website and her research. Which just encouraged me more.

About the time I was starting to design the embroidery a friend was having one made for her by a good friend, Alesone, and so I put it on the back burner. ( I also wanted to lose weight so I looked awesome in it but that hasn’t happened yet)

Staring the project

This gown, from the portrait of Ursula Greckin dates from 1500 is the inspiration. I love the embroidery all across the side of the bodice vs the versions with the embroidery primarily on the sleeve.


Here are a few more examples of the style.





For my version I want to incorporate my personal heraldry elements : an eclipsed sun for my household, a swan and maybe a fleur from my heraldry. We will see how it works out.


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