Embroidery design

As I said in an earlier post, I wanted the design to incorporate some of my heraldic elements but also look like the inspiration gown. The gown in the portrait as oak leaves, which is a strong heraldic element throughout Germany. It is also very symbolic of strength etc.

My first design looked like this:


It looked very modern and somewhat like a tattoo. I decided that I was trying to put too many elements into the design.

Design 2
This was the next design, just filling in space with oak leaves like the portrait.


It still felt off ( I was later told the scale was off slightly and that’s probably why it felt wrong)
So it was back to the drawing board literally.

After looking at embroidery and manuscripts I found one that I fell totally in love with:


A german manuscript from around the same time period, it had everything i wanted: lovely lines, some flowers to add color , incorporates elements from one of the other Swabian gowns and will fit with my personal elements .

So the design is not redrawn yet. I may just literally design as I go. We will see.


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