Sun completed

Well it didn’t take as long as I thought it would to finish the sun ( which is the main sleeve element) .all told probably about 20 hrs over 7-8 days.

Things I have learned.
1. I will probably never use imitation gold thread again. Using the real gilt just made it so much easier. It laid where it was supposed to. It didn’t unravel or twist up. And i was able to get nice sharp bends.

2. When trying to space the crouching stitches evenly it’s very hard when going around curves. Especially sinuous ones: one direction they got further apart in subsequent rows, the other direction they got closer together. It is also harder working from the outside in. Next time I think I would go from the inside out. This would also eliminate some of the crowding issues I had on some of the curvy rays where my drawing was not 100% exact.

3. Point number 2, well it’s never perfect, and we are our own worst critics.


Next steps: the pattern

I need to start the pattern for the gown to at least get the sleeve draped. I am doing the variation with the sleeve open at the back and laced up, like the “house book ” dresses which were very common in the artwork of the late 15th century.

Once I have the sleeve drafted I will cut out the sun and get it placed and stitched down. I will be putting a row of metal purl around at least the center, possibly on the outer edges, and maybe pearls. That is to be determined.

I also found a possible option for the ribbon that will wind around the sun and leaves. Instead of embroidery I am going to try using silk ribbon.

I found 13mm colored silk ribbon, made by River Silks. It’s a woven tabby and according to the website it’s supposed to be extremely durable ( the use it fr canvas work without fraying) . Available in 240 colors, I may have found my new bindings for necklines etc on my gothic gowns.



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