Attack of the white fuzzies

So the next step in the project was to fit the sleeve to get it started. Dress form should be in next week and I will start the doping of the gown itself.

Hubby helped with the sleeve. Cut it out and laid it out onto linen o I could better put it into a frame. Trying to decide right now how to work on it. We got a used Grace standing frame which I am going to try. It’s small but if I am careful it will work for now.


Next I laid out when the sun is going to go.i figured I might as well get it sorted out first. I need to order more gold purl so there will be a delay before I start the rest of the project.


Problem one
The linen I did the sun on was great for the goldwork. Nice , reasonably tightly woven and not too much stretch. But to appliqué it, bit of a nightmare. Have to trim it close to turn it under but too close and now it is leaving white fuzzy bits everywhere.

I decided to tuck the linen under the appliquéd part vs stitch it down close to the edge because i felt it would be stronger and the linen wouldn’t show as much. Well, the tips of the sun were impossible to turn and tuck the linen under nicely.

One side effect of this is that the sun is now raised slightly do it now looks line some of the padded goldwork you see in period embroidery. That was my intention all along , I promise!!!!

Laying gilt purl along the edge to finish it, but need to order more. “sigh”



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