Pearls pearls pearls

It’s been a little while since I posted, but not for lack of making progress on the gown., well the sleeve.

I finished the very frustrating chore of appliquéing down the sun. A few things I found out:
1. By tucking the linen up underneath it naturally curves the appliqué very much like many extant examples of goldwork applique.This is a great finding.
2. The very pretty tightly spaced gold ends up with gaps after the linen is tucked under. It’s also very hard to get it right to the bottom. Could be why so many were edged in something. This was frustrating.
3. My nice pretty pointy ends of the rays disappeared. Points on linen don’t tuck we’ll.
4. If I did it again, I would probably put the gold right onto the velvet or use a fabric that didn’t fray so much, do a period fray check and just trim it close, and cover the edge.

Anyways it’s pretty.

Now I am laying out the stems. Leaves and the ribbon. I am finding it challenging to Kep a balance between the modern and medieval eye. So I ended up adding more leaves. The large stems will be a row of pearls with a line of #1 gilt purl on either side. For the smaller stems I am going the opposite way. A strand of super fine gilt purl with seed pearls on both sides of the gold. The pearls will also completely outline the leaves.

The ribbon wrapping around the sun and stem is the silk ribbon I found. Saves cutting out silk bits however it is much thinner than the silk I am using for the leaves. It does challenge me to actually think about the movement of the ribbon winding around things vs making shapes to fit.

On the inspiration gown the ribbon was outlined in a bead of possible similar color, so I will be outlining mine in coral beads I found.

So cutting out tiny leaves from silk is a pain. Does it shred. So I am doing a slightly deeper stitch and hoping crouching pearls over everything will stabilize it.


That is a picture of where I left off last night. It’s very slow work and I do worry about my set deadline which is February. But one thought I will leave you with: couching pearls is very relaxing. It sets a rhythm like knitting or counting worry beads. And this way I am catching up on shows that I wanted to watch on Netflix :)


One response to “Pearls pearls pearls

  • Alice R. LEber

    Gee, honey, you’re doing a fantastic job. I’m really enjoying watching your progress through this gown. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and post about your findings. It’s fun to follow you on the journey. A

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