Project fatigue

Project fatigue
One of the most prevalent problems with large, complex or long term projects / research is project fatigue.

Simply put.. Sick of doing it. Bored with working on the same thing every day. Frustrated that it us going slower than you want.

After a while you start to hate the project and it ends up unfinished in a corner or a box somewhere.

Combatting project fatigue:

Set mini goals – break the project into smaller parts, each with a different focus, style, color, materials , design. Set a goal to finish one of the smaller parts before tackling another. Maybe it’s getting all the white color or all the goldwork done. It might be doing a single band, or row of embroidery.

Have mini projects to do in between. And I do mean mini, because if the mini project is too big you will get wrapped up in the new one and will be less likely to finish the big project.

Be committed. Make sure the big project is something you want to do. So many times we take on something because we think or are told we should. If your heart is not truly committed to it, once the fatigue sets in you will be less likely to push through the fatigue and keep going.

Lastly, Enjoy the doing. Seems simple. Of course you enjoy it. But again, often we do things because we “have” to. Stop, take time to really look at what you are creating; the beauty, the skill. I have to admit I have been known to “pet” some of my embroidery. Other days I am truly amazed that it came from my hands (makes up for all the horrid stuff I throw away. ) Be proud of yourself and what you do…enjoy the doing.


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