Inspiration, encouragement and friends

This post was lost before xmas, but I meant everything in here so i wanted to still post it.

Two weeks agoor so I wrote about project fatigue and ways to get past it. Today I want to talk about what has been important to me along the path: my friends and family. More importantly their support and encouragement.

While Hurricane Sandy roared around me for two days I got to hang out and do embroidery….a hardship i know, but it was that or read. Anyhow I completed phase one of the dress: the sleeve is finished ( pictures to come ). It was an odd feeling. I sat back, feeling very proud that I finished it and somewhat ahead of schedule. I was also a bit in awe of how nice it turned out and thought wow, if I had not been kicked in the butt to make something I would never have done this.

I have mentioned before that I had plans to do one years ago but was sidetracked and just not inspired. If it had not been for my friends, I still would still be “planning” instead of doing.

A few days ago I shared what I had done so far with one of my instigators. I was like a little kid again, showing my homework. ( however she does not get to hang it on her fridge). She made me feel embarrassed, shy but soo good. She showed it off on my behalf and of course I felt more embarrassed but man it felt good, all those wam fuzzies. I listened as a few of the men in our group said they had been following the progress and wanted to see it, ( course they also used it as a template for the things they think I will make them).

Further away I have a couple of friends that I chat with regularity, sharing the joy and heartache/ headache of projects. One friend in particular, we are both knee deep in projects and its good to talk it out. Encourage!


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