Monthly Archives: February 2013

Making it Work

With the words of that most popular fashion guru echoing in my brain I am now trying to put together the gown and I feel that I am watching that clock tick down and the dress won’t be ready for the runway.

Let me back up a few days. THE EMBROIDERY IS DONE!!! many happy dances about that. The relief, the joy, the little pat on the back I ave myself for making the deadline. Then reality set in.
I had to put it together.


The countless hours trying patterns out. The piles of fabric on the family room floor. The careful planning of the project and where am I? Trying to make it work.

Things I have learned:
1. Velveteen (and I am sure other fabrics) pinned on a dress form stretch out and the piece nicely laid out flat on my embroidery frame doesn’t.
2. Embroidered fabric doesn’t give like bare fabric. And it also shrinks the fabric slightly.
3. Having embroidery on only one side makes the dress feel funny ( and fit different) see above issues.
4. New techniques rarely work the first time even if you have tested them out.
5. Sewing takes a long time. ( okay I knew that but I underestimated it) Two weeks to sew is not enough time.
6. It is important not to gain or lose weight while you are working on a big garb project like this or you run the risk of it not fitting.

These are all things we know but rarely think of. And what makes historical reconstruction fun. We don’t know how they made it work. They ran into the same roadblocks we do. They had fabric go wonky. Or had patrons that gained 10 pounds ( or lost it). They patched and pieced and used whatever they had handy to complete the item. They made it work, and so will I.